Friday, August 11, 2017

No More Midnight Munchies

There are multiple reasons a person snacks before bed including: boredom, stress, habit, and being tired. Before you eat after dinner make sure you are actually hungry.  This can be done by asking yourself if you could be just thirsty, tired, or bored instead. The go-to late night snacks are often not nutritious and lead to the consumption of “empty” unneeded calories. Try these tips to end late night cravings:

· Eat Nutritious Meals Regularly: This ensures steady energy throughout the day and can help with appetite controlling hormones. Include adequate protein and fiber in your diet as they can leave you feeling full longer. 
· Get Sleep: Strive for 7+ hours of sleep a night. Studies show that less than 6-7 hours of sleep can affect gut hormones. With adequate sleep you can curb late night snacking by avoiding overeating due to fatigue.
· Limit Distractions: Our enjoyment and satisfaction with meals is altered when distractions are present. We focus more on the other tasks we are trying to do than on what we are eating or how much we have eaten. Turn off the screen, as leaving it on can lead to mindless eating and getting distracted to the point that we forget we have even snacked. 

If you must choose a lighter option, choose things like yogurt, fresh fruit, or air popped popcorn. If still craving something salty or sweet enjoy a small portion and don’t forget to brush your teeth. 

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