Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Can Magnesium Help Grow Strong Bones?

It’s universally known that calcium and vitamin D intake leads to increased bone strength.  But, according to new research out of the Universities of Bristol and Eastern Finland, magnesium could also play an important role in preventing fractures.

In the study conducted by the above universities, it was observed that those with low blood magnesium levels were 44% more at risk for fracture than those with high magnesium levels.  In addition, none of the 22 subjects with very high blood magnesium levels experienced any kind of fracture during the course of this study.

This is especially interesting to those that work with or are a part of populations at risk for fractured bones, including the aging and elderly.  However, more research is necessary to see any therapeutic effects of magnesium supplementation.

For more information, read the summary article by following this link:
Or access the full research article here:

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