Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It’s Spring: 3 Tips to a Healthy Body

The shining sun and rising temperatures are incredibly inviting and are bound to put an extra spring in your step. It is tempting to jump outdoors and be active, but it is important to follow these helpful tips in order to keep your body healthy and energized while enjoying the spring season. It is normal to become motivated by the warmer weather to get a summer body, but be sure you are still following healthy habits. 
1.)   Don’t stop eating, just eat healthier: Before working out, substitute sweets such as cookies, candies, and jams for whole-grain food items such as a serving of whole-grain pasta or a turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread. Whole grains contain complex carbohydrates which are digested slower than sugary foods. This results in more sustained energy throughout the day to keep you going. Other healthy foods that will provide energy are fruit smoothies, chocolate milk, and low-fat yogurt. 
2.)   Hydration is key: It is crucial to keep your body hydrated throughout the day, especially before participating in physical activity. Carry a water bottle with you and drink it regularly to ensure that your body is constantly hydrated. If you are going to participate in intense activity, switch out the water for a sports drink such as Gatorade. The complex carbohydrates from your snack and the water are sure to make your body refreshed and ready to go!
3.)   No skipping stretches: Carry out a short period of light aerobic activity followed by stretching to prepare for an effective exercise with no injuries. After your workout, follow up with a light cool down jog and some more stretches. Don’t forget to hydrate after exercising as well. 

Follow these quick and easy tips, and you are guaranteed to have a spring in your step all spring long!  

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