Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Message to Academia: Eat Breakfast

            Well, the folklore is true: eating breakfast is substantially associated with better test scores. If you didn’t already know, it was previously established that breakfast consumption is tied to increased cognition. Now, research from Cardiff University attempted to look at a “healthy” breakfast and its association to test scores. The research team reinforced that eating breakfast yielded a much higher likelihood for obtaining and above-average test score compared to those eating no breakfast. This research team, and a growing number of other researchers, is now speculating that eating a breakfast with a lower glycemic index might have a greater impact on cognitive functioning, overall health, school attendance and academic outcomes. A breakfast with a low glycemic is believed to release energy in a more controlled fashion as opposed to its sugar-rich counterpart. My favorite breakfast that just so happens to have a low glycemic index is a bowl of oatmeal (I throw some berries in mine too). The benefits of oats are vast, but most notably the fiber is a colon-friendly component that keeps you full longer. In fact, those who eat oatmeal tend to consume less at their next meal.

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