Friday, May 31, 2013

Soda and Oral Health

We’ve all heard that soda is bad for us, but what does it affect in the body? It was found by a peer-reviewed journal, General Dentistry, that soda has some of the same effects on the mouth as drugs methamphetamine and crack cocaine. Drinking large quantities of soda can cause tooth erosion which is also commonly see in drug users. This tooth erosion is caused by the damage of enamel, which protects teeth, and can lead to cavities, cracked, and discolored teeth. The study looked at one crack cocaine user, one methamphetamine user, and one excessive soda drinker. The type and severity of the tooth damage was the same in each person. So how can soda and drugs both cause the same damage? Each of these substances has large amounts of acid in them which can lead to the damage of tooth enamel. Soda can lead to severe oral health problems. Dentists advise drinking less soda, drinking more water, and chewing sugar free gum to avoid oral health problems.  

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