Thursday, April 18, 2013

Military Diet

It was stated that about 13% of the US military is obese. This is reflective of the rising obesity rate of the US overall. This could result in military career setbacks, impact readiness for operations, and jeopardize some missions. A group of researchers decided to see what our military eats. This group recommended a few small changes that made a huge difference in the diet of the military. They suggested an increase in availability of fresh fruit, availability of vegetables, increased whole-grain foods, reduced fat and sugary foods, offer a lean or vegetarian course at lunch and dinner, and providing more nutritional information. The plates observed after these changes were made had more healthy choices on them and fewer high fat choices. Surveys handed out showed positive results as well. It was shown that flavor and taste of the food was improved. Other improvements indicated on surveys included, appropriate portion sizes and more available food choices. This research shows that eating healthy is not difficult and that does have positive health benefits.

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