Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stores and Brand Names Lure Consumers

Have you ever been to the store and wondered why all of the expensive, brand name products are jumping out at you?  Store owners use this tactic to get you to buy those items, putting the expensive products at eye-level and the less-pricey options above and below the center stage.  A recent article also identified another consumer trap having to do with brand name items.  The article discusses the common consumer perception that because the brand name has created so-called “healthy” products before, the company’s products will all be “healthy”.  Maybe the company has had one of its products marked with the American Heart Association (AHA) red-and-white seal of approval meaning the particular product meets certain heart healthy guidelines of low sodium and containing good fats versus the bad saturated/trans- fats.    Even though AHA developed the seal to make things easier for the average consumer to make better choices, if a consumer sees this once, they may be more inclined to automatically believe that company’s products are all heart healthy.  Mindfulness is key to questioning and catching the easily deceptive traps.

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