Friday, June 2, 2017

Tips for Grilling this Summer

Summertime is upon us, and so are delicious grilled foods! However, grilling can come with some health concerns to watch out for. These tips can help you maintain better health when grilling:

·      Cook at a lower heat – Cancer-causing agents, called carcinogens, form on foods where charring occurs. To avoid as much charring from taking place, try cooking your foods at a lower temperature for a longer period of time.
·      Trim off fat – Not only is removing excess fat from pieces of meat a great way to limit the saturated fat in your diet, but it will also help to limit the charring. As fat melts, it drips into the flames causing them to flare up and smoke, which promotes charring. 
·      Marinate – Try marinating meat for at least 30 minutes in some acidic ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice, or beer. Marinating can help reduce carcinogen formation as well as tenderize and add flavor!
·      Look beyond meat – Adding other fruits and vegetables to the grill, such as squash, peppers, or pineapple, is a great way too add flavor and variety to your grilled meal.
·      Maintain a clean grill – It is important to keep your grill space clean by discarding any unused marinade, cleaning utensils, and using a brush free from loose bristles before you grill again. Taking these precautions will help to keep cooking out safe and sanitary. 

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