Saturday, May 27, 2017

Summer Fun Starts with Summer Foods!

During the summer months, many different fruits and vegetables are ready for harvest.  This provides a fantastic opportunity to bring fresh and flavorful foods into your family’s diet.  These experiences can be especially valuable to children as they explore their taste preferences and the world around them.

Fruits and veggies that ripen from May to August include: berries, avocados, tomatoes, and watermelon.  These foods can be grown in the backyard with help from the kids to provide an educational and agricultural experience.  After harvest, a variety of these foods can be consumed to increase fiber intake, along with some vitamins and minerals.

Incorporating fresh fruits and veggies such as these can help broaden your child’s palate, helping them to keep an open mind and positive attitude when it comes to eating.  In addition, their bodies will thank them for all the good nutrients they will be consuming.

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