Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Applebee's Has Nothing On Me!

Don't let eating out get in the way of your weight loss goals! Whether it is for a holiday, celebration or special occasion, dining out can be an enjoyable part of your meal plan! Follow the general strategies and restaurant tips below to make your next dining out experience fulfilling and rewarding!

Plan ahead: Balance a higher-calorie restaurant meal with lighter, lower-calorie meals during the day. For example, build up on fiber containing meals during the day, such as those including fruits and vegetables that will keep you feeling full and satisfied until you go out to eat.

Be assertive: Ask how the food is prepared. For example, are the vegetables buttered? Is the sauce made with cream? Make a special request if you would like, such as asking for chicken broiled instead of fried or asking for vegetables to be cooked in olive oil or balsamic dressing instead of a high saturated fat substance, such as butter. 

Stay in control: In order to curb your appetite, fill up on a low-calorie beverage, broth based soup or salad before the main course. Take one slice of bread without butter and then move the breadbasket away from you, or have it removed from the table. Ask for salad dressing on the side. If the portion is too large, eat half of it and take the rest home with you for another day. Share an entree! Remember to take a break from eating and enjoy conversation, as well as stopping to eat when you are satisfied, not when you are stuffed.

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