Sunday, October 2, 2016

Exercise: Shedding Fat with Hormones

            In 2012 the Harvard Medical School discovered a hormone known as irisin. What was interesting about this hormone is that it released from the muscle tissues during exercise, and can impact genes that convert white fat, which you don’t “burn” it off as well, into more metabolically active brown fat. Irisin production surges when the heart and other muscle tissues are exerted, so essentially any form of exercise can trigger the release of irisin. Additionally fat cell formation, or adipogenesis, is believed to be suppressed by irisin, so this hormone is being looked at for treatment and prevention of diabetes and obesity. You’ve heard that exercise is “good” for you, and that you burn calories and lose fat, but now you understand that irisin is swimming around your blood stream doing the real work for you.

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