Sunday, September 25, 2016

Fidgeting For Your Health

Previous research has lead to the hypothesis that sitting for extended periods of time reduces blood flow to your legs, and therefore can contribute to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. New research coming out of the University of Missouri shows that there could potentially be an easy counterbalance to the ill effects of sitting… Fidgeting. Yes, the habit that many have ingrained in their daily life to help deal with stress or nerves, could help with blood flow to your legs. Researchers tested the hypothesis on healthy young men and women during a sitting time of three hours, while measuring blood flow in an artery of the lower leg. Those that fidgeted showed an increase in blood flow, which could decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease due to sitting. While it is still optimal to stand and walk to break up your sitting time, when you are without that opportunity, fidgeting can be an acceptable alternative.

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