Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fad vs. Facts

            When looking to lose weight, many people are appointed to search the Internet for the ‘easiest’ or ‘best’ way to do so.  As we have all been told, not everything on the Internet is true.  This is especially true in the nutrition realm as little to no research is behind many tactics that claim to lead to dramatic weight loss.  Because of this, many people become disheartened when their consumption of ‘superfoods’ or scarce diet plans don’t work as promised.  Being able to tell the difference between the truth and hoaxes is one of the best ways to achieve your goals in a timely manner and with the best results. 

            For instance, some people claim that eating certain foods, such as green tea and spicy foods, boost your metabolism and will help contribute to weight loss.  Although your metabolism is increased from the consumption of such foods, it is only temporary and will not lead to any dramatic results, as the heightened rate is not enough to combat overeating.  The truth is that no item claimed to be a ‘superfood’ can truly lead to weight loss by itself.  These foods may be able to contribute to a healthier weight, but only when combined with an overall balanced diet.

            Another commonly believed falsehood is that eating foods later in the evening contributes to weight gain.  This is also untrue as it is not the timing, but the amount of calories consumed that matters.  Those with diabetes or hypoglycemia often find it helpful to spread caloric intake through the day, but that tactic is solely based on blood sugar levels rather than the number of calories consumed.  It is important to note that this information does not give anyone the right to binge, as those calories add up quickly and can cause an increase in weight. 

            Lastly, skipping meals or switching to very low calorie diets should never be encouraged.  Our bodies are designed to survive famine and harsh times, and will strive to maintain their current state with less energy.  This tactic is both unhealthy and inefficient.
            The human body is more complex than any ‘simple fix’ found on the Internet or celebrity claim could embody.  Although slow and sometimes exhausting, the best way to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle is with a balanced diet and regular exercise.   

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