Saturday, February 20, 2016

What's In Your Coffee?

Many of the coffee products that are consumed are very sugar sweetened, if you couldn’t tell by the taste. Research from the Action on Sugar analyzed 131 hot flavored drinks (coffees primarily) and found that 98 % of these beverages contain oodles of sugar – up to 25 teaspoons (about ½ a cup). Currently, the maximum daily amount of sugars for teens and adults is 7 teaspoons. The quantity of sugar in these beverages astounded United Kingdom researchers who are concerned with the lack of nutrition fact labeling, on many of these products. Excess dietary sugar is a growing concern for some researchers who link it with chronic disease development. Check out a previous blog post on sugar for more information.

It is important to enjoy and savor all foods, but the researchers from Action on Sugar advise to consume unsweetened coffee, or utilize a sugar free sweetener. These drinks are best consumed once in a while, and in a smaller volume - try the short, or small size beverage if you’re in the mood for a coffee … and you’ll skip out on some of the caffeine too. Check out a previous blog post on caffeine.

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