Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Overeating on Healthy Foods- It's Real

            The way that we perceive food plays a huge role on the amount that we eat, and the way we feel after consumption. The fallacy that a certain food is “healthy” tends to lead to the individual eating more of it. Researchers from the University of Texas found that “healthy” foods are perceived as less satisfying. This phenomenon may be contributing to the obesity epidemic in that individuals are overeating “healthy” foods. To mend this ironic friction, try viewing “healthy” foods as nourishing rather than less satisfying.
            A second study published in the journal BMC Nutrition found that paying a lower amount while dining out can lead to feelings of guilt and uncomfortable fullness. Essentially, low-paying buffet-goers set a lower expectation level for the amount of food they should consume. What buffet-goers are urged to do is to attend higher-priced establishments and focus on consuming proper portions of nourishing, “healthy,” foods.

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