Saturday, October 24, 2015

Does Fast Food Influence Children's Bone Health?

While bone health is most often associated with the elderly population, new research is suggesting that this may no longer be the case.  Researchers from the University of Southampton have discovered a link between children living in neighborhoods with convenient access to fast food and their bone health.  Data from 1,107 children was compiled in accordance with the Southampton Women’s Survey, a project aiming to learn more about factors influencing women and children’s health. 
This data included the bone mineral density content of children at birth, the bone mineral content of children at age 4 or 6, as well as the number of supermarkets, healthy specialty stores, and fast food restaurants currently in their neighborhood.  The results linked a higher number of fast food outlets in the neighborhood to a lower bone mineral density as well as lower bone mineral content in newborns.  However, the link was insignificant for children ages 4 and 6.
The opposite was true for children living in neighborhoods with an abundance of healthy grocery stores.  Children ages 4 and 6 were shown to have a higher bone mineral density.  These findings clearly indicate just how much of an impact a healthy diet can have on a child.


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