Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Candy, and Cookies, and Pies, Oh My!

Well, it’s that time of year again.  That beach body that we all worked so hard to get for the summer will soon be covered by bulky hoodies, comfy sweatpants, and warm wooly mittens (doesn’t everyone spend time making sure their hands are slim and trim for the summer?!).

Between the Halloween candy, the overeating at Thanksgiving, the cookies and pies at Christmas…sigh, I can smell the cinnamon and spice and everything nice already… C’mon - who doesn’t gain at least 1-2 lbs over those three months?  So what should we do, so come January we aren’t making multiple failed attempts of losing those extra pounds we put on? 

Do not skip meals.  I know, sometimes we have to skip breakfast on Black Friday so we can stand in line for 12 hours to make sure we get the newest and latest gadget of the year – but take along something to munch on (and I don’t mean a bag of potato chips).  Use smaller plates at parties and dinners.  Trust me, your eyes and brain will be fooled by seeing a small plate filled with your favorites.  Try eating slowly.  What?!  What does that even mean?  Let me say it again.  Eat slowly.  Spending the day with family and friends usually is an all-day event.  The food will still be there and the hustle and bustle is over by this time.  Chew your food. Your digestive system will appreciate the change.  And, finally, try filling your plate up with fruits and vegetables first, and then add more fattening and indulgent foods.
Make these small simple changes and putting on, and taking off, the pounds after the holiday rush will be a much more pleasant experience! 

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