Sunday, April 12, 2015

Make Your Monday Meatless

Most likely, you’ve either heard of, or taken place in, the movement called Meatless Monday, where you pledge to not eat meat one day a week.  Surprisingly enough, this movement has been around for quite a while!  In an effort to aid the war, Meatless Mondays and Wheatless Wednesdays actually began during World War I and reappeared during World War II.  In 2003, it was reintroduced as a public health awareness campaign and has since gone global.
As Americans, we eat a lot of meat.  In just one year, the average American consumed 71.2 pounds of red meat and 54.1 pounds of poultry.  By limiting our intake of meat, we are able to reduce heart disease and stroke, limit cancer risk, fight diabetes, curb obesity, live longer, and improve the nutritional quality of our diet.
A day without meat is possible!  Just because you skipped the meat, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice flavor.  With a few simple swaps, many of your favorite dishes can be made meat-free.
·      Like hamburgers?  Try a veggie burger
·      If you’re into Mexican food, fill up with a bean burrito
·      Dreary days sometimes call for a nice pot of chili.  Go for one that has lots of beans and hearty mushrooms or better yet, make your own!
·      Skip the meat-lovers special and order a veggie filled pizza
·      A sandwich with hummus, cucumber, and bell pepper is simple and satisfying
·      Spaghetti is just as delicious without the meat sauce
·      Of course, you can’t forget the classic PB&J

Make one day a week meatless, your body and your wallet will thank you.


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