Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ball Park Food Breakdown

            “Take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks. I don’t care if I ever get back!” Yep that’s right, it’s ball game season! The smell of the juicy, charcoaling hamburgers and hot dogs will keep your mouth watering for hours. You watch the doughy, twisted soft pretzels circle in their heater component, mesmerized with fascination. Your taste buds explode as you watch workers pour cheese for the nachos into their containers, and you turn to see a crowd walking towards you with delicious ice cream cones, holding them with napkins, making sure the ice cream doesn’t slip onto their hands from the beaming sun.

You quickly turn around, and proceed to walk staring at the ground, urging yourself not to give in. As much as the atmosphere, cheers and crowds tempt you to indulge, you know that the food is unhealthy and will leave you feeling regretful. Ball Park food is filled with extensive amounts of calories and fat content. You and your body will feel much better skipping out on the food at the game and packing some of your own healthy snacks instead, such as fresh veggies and fruit, mixed nuts, low-fat granola bars, whole grain crackers, dried fruit, pretzels/baked chips, and your own air popped popcorn!

Here are some helpful food breakdowns at the Ball Park:

Soft pretzel- 400-500 calories
Small popcorn-550 calories (35 grams of fat)
Plain cheeseburger-450 calories (25 grams of fat)
Hot dog- 450 calories
Nachos with Cheese- 600-700 calories
Pizza- 600-700 calories
Beer, 12 ounces- 140 calories
Pop, 12 ounces- 150 calories
Peanuts, 8 ounces- 1,200 calories
Helmet ice cream- 550 calories
Cracker jack box- 150 calories

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