Monday, January 26, 2015

Quick plant-based snacks

Back to back classes, group projects, and brainstorming for that English paper can bring on quite an appetite.  Refuel with a healthy snack instead of heading to the nearest vending machine for a bag of chips.   These nutrient-dense snacks are delicious and take little to no time to prepare, great for the college student who has very little time.  Powering through your study session has never been so tasty! 

·         Fresh fruit is a super simple snack.  It’s available nearly everywhere and can be easily stashed in a backpack.  Try some bananas, clementines, grapes, or whatever is in season.

·         Cut up vegetables are great to munch on and are fantastic dipped in hummus.

·         Sometimes a simple slice of whole wheat bread is enough to satisfy a craving.

·         A small peanut butter sandwich on a whole wheat tortilla or whole wheat bread easily tames hunger. 

·         Trail mix can be thrown together in a pinch.  Just mix together your favorite nuts with some dried fruit, and that’s it!

·         Air popped popcorn is definitely a snack everyone loves.  Many people don’t know that popcorn is actually a whole grain.  Because you’re getting all of the goodness from eating the whole grain, you should enjoy your air popped popcorn guilt free!

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