Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tips to Having a Healthier Thanksgiving

1) Balance your plate- Whether you serve the Thanksgiving meal family style or from a buffet line, you should know some tips to fill your plate. To help prevent overeating, fill half of your plate with vegetables because they are filled with fiber and will help keep you fuller longer. Then fill 1/4 of your plate with turkey or other protein source, then the last 1/4 of your plate with starches, such as potatoes or stuffing. Before filling up a second plate, your vegetables should be eaten. When filling up again, do it the same way as your first plate.

2) Enjoy your holiday favorites in moderation- Allow yourself to enjoy your favorite holiday foods and beverages that you truly look forward to. If there are foods that you can enjoy at any other time of the year, consider skipping them. Otherwise, take a moderate serving that will satisfy you. 

3) Smaller servings- If you are preparing part of the meal or dessert to bring to the host's house, or you are serving the meal at your house, prepare the special appetizers, treats and drinks in smaller portions. By doing this, the batch that is made will serve more guests, and will help keep servings in checks. Also opt for using smaller serving plates and smaller glasses to help with serving sizes. 

4) Bring a dish to share- This can be a great idea if you or a loved one deals with food allergies or dietary restrictions. By preparing a dish yourself, you will know exactly what is in it and you will have piece of mind that they will be a dish that you can enjoy. Also, it can encourage other guests to try it as well. Try bringing a vegetable tray for an appetizer or quinoa stuffing. 

5) Pace yourself- Take time between bites to make meaningful conversation with the ones that you are with. This will also help for your brain and stomach to communicate to let you know when you are getting full, and may prevent overeating. 

6) Move- There are many holiday races that your family and friends can enjoy together. Consider signing up for a walk or run to help keep your activity levels up and create some memories. This can even start a new tradition! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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