Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What you Watch May Affect What you Eat

Do you enjoy watching action packed movies? A new study from Cornell University shows that with increased action in movies there is an increase in snacking by the viewer. Three different groups of student participants were observed while watching 20 minutes of TV. The first group watched an action packed movie, the second group watched a talk show, and the third group of participants watched the same action movie as group one, but without sound. The participants were provided with snacks and investigators kept track of how much each group consumed during the 20 minute period. It was found that participants in group one, who watched the action movie, consumed 98% more than those watching the talk show. Those watching the same movie but without sound ate 36% more than those watching the talk show. Researchers suggest that it is the fast paced camera cuts that make you concentrate more on what you are watching and less on what you are consuming. To avoid over consumption during a movie, portion out snacks before sitting down to watch the show. It will also benefit to choose healthy snacks such as vegetables, or fruits.  

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