Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sodium Intake

In the past several years sodium intake and healthy sodium levels have spurred much debate. We have all heard that too much sodium can lead to increased risk of certain diseases such as heart disease. A recent study has found that no matter how much sodium we consume in our diets only a certain amount is used by the body. The brain regulates our sodium intake. This study was done by measuring sodium content of urine to see how much was being kept in the body and how much was being excreted. This study found that the average sodium intake was about 3,640 mg, which is well within the “normal” range of 2,600-4,800mg. This study concluded that it is possible that Americans are not getting enough sodium in their diets and may be seeing adverse side-effects such as insulin resistance. The findings of this study will create lots of discussions and will lead to more extensive research being done on this topic.  

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