Thursday, June 6, 2013

Weight Advice

In most cases patients tend to trust their doctors and health care providers but what if you did not? A recent study found that overweight and obese patients trusted diet advice from overweight doctors more than those who have a weight considered to be normal. It was found that overweight and obese patients trust their doctors in general, but on the topic of weight they trust those doctors with a higher weight more. So what could be the cause of this trust difference? There are many possibilities. One reason may be that normal weight doctors do not treat overweight patients as equals. If these patients are getting advice from someone like this they may not feel confident in following their recommendations. Another possibility could be that overweight doctors could be struggling with the same issues and can relate to their patients better, leading to better trust of the patients. No matter what the reason behind the results of this study are they are still helpful in determining how to best treat these patients for the best results.

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