Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Childhood Junk Food Addiction Stemming from Mother’s Diet during Pregnancy

According to a new study from the University of Adelaide in Australia, mothers who are consuming junk food during pregnancy in order to control cravings may be creating their child’s food preferences. Junk food consumption of the mother can “pre-program” the unborn child’s preference towards junk food in the years to come. The unhealthy diet of the mother can result in changes of the opioid signaling to the brain. The child can them become less sensitive to the opioids which are released in the body when foods high in fat and sugar are eaten. This can lead to a junk food addiction in the child, and/or an overconsumption of fatty and sugary foods because the child was born with a high tolerance and will need to eat more in order to become satisfied.  This study has concluded that mother’s need to become more informed on their diet during pregnancy for the well-being and life-long food preferences of their future child, as well as possible metabolic disorders that could result.


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