Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dietetics Program Moving to New Department

The AU Dietetics Program will be moving and forming a new department within the Shar College of Nursing. The newly developed Health Sciences Department will consist of Dietetics, Athletic Training, and Exercise Science and will be completed by fall 2012. Administratively, Dietetics will move from the College of Arts and Sciences to the Shar College of Nursing AND Health Sciences. The Provost announced this move yesterday to the University faculty. This realignment will place Dietetics along side other health care professionals and majors. Prospective Dietetics students will more easily find this major when exploring possible career options as they search for degree programs. Work has begun to modify curriculum within the Dietetics major as this change moves forward. Dietetics faculty and students will still remain on the main campus in Ashland and Dr. Vanata will continue to serve as the Dietetics Program Director. This move will place Dietetics, as well as the Department of Health Sciences, in a positive position as the University focuses on the future of education at AU. As we have mentioned before, it is indeed an exciting time to be involved in Dietetics at AU! Stay tuned, there will be much more to follow.

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