Friday, June 3, 2011

United Way Nutrition Fair

Although the students of Ashland University are now on summer break, the students of the Ashland University Student Dietetic Association (AUSDA) are still in full swing and working hard. Three of the members of the AUSDA, Autumn Sweet, Krista Youngpeter, and Rachel Stockle all attended and participated in the United Way Nutrition Fair that was held at Ashland County Fairgrounds on May 7th. With the help of Becca Hof and Kristen Herbst, the students put together a bulletin board that helps kids see what a correctly portioned plate looks like. The cardboard food items had velcro on the back to give the children a chance to get involved and interact with the students. Another activity that was very popular at the fair was “make your own trail mix” table. The students set out a variety of healthy foods that one would find in trail mix and the people at the fair had the opportunity to create a healthy snack. The activity was set up to show the members of the community that snacking can be delicious and nutritious at the same time. They also created a sheet that the parents could take with them that had information about healthy snacking and another one that had different food items that the children could take home and color. Overall, there was a great turnout and the girls felt that their nutrition table was a success.

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