Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Myths about Metabolism

I am sure you have heard many claims about metabolism, some of which seem too good to be true. With this post, we will explore some of those common myths.
For starters, consuming chili peppers and green tea will not raise metabolism or cause weight loss. While spicy foods can temporarily raise a metabolic rate, it is not enough to allow for extra caloric consumption. 
Next, we have heard that our metabolism can’t change. This is simply not true. As we age our metabolism naturally slows down as we tend to lose muscle mass. Increasing or decreasing physical activity can change metabolism. 
Eating late in the evening does not make our metabolism slow down and cause weight gain. It is likely because of the additional calories and mindless eating while watching television that contributes to the extra pounds. 
Very low caloric consumption is not the best idea for jump starting weight loss. While we do need to burn more calories than we consume to achieve weight loss, too much of a deficit can actually cause our metabolism to slow down because it is not receiving enough calories to function properly. 
It is important to research claims from reliable sources so we do not cause harm to our bodies. For reliable nutrition information visit www.eatright.org or speak with a Registered Dietitian.

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