Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Taste of the World

Enjoying a variety of healthy and delicious food is a gift America has. The United States is filled with many wonderful cultures and their delicious cuisines come along with them. There are numerous individuals that wish to try and explore new food groups that are beneficial to their health. Many of these individuals come from different backgrounds and each brings a new recipe to the table. This offers a large variety not only to them, but to others who do not come from that culture. Building up a colorful plate filled with foods from across the world is a great way to satisfy cultural preferences while also keeping it healthy. However, it is important to always include a decent amount of fruits and vegetables with every meal. Many cultures, for example Mediterranean, have healthy homemade yogurts to fill up with a good source of calcium. Eating a variety of cultural food is a great way to get all those key nutrients without always sticking to the same foods.
This and more can be found at: http://www.eatright.org/resource/health/lifestyle/culture-and-traditions/ethnic-foods-for-a-healthy-plate

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