Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bee-cause Pesticides May Be an Issue

            The population of honey bees are decreasing each year, yet you may not be aware how much honey bees impact your dinner plate: approximately a third of the foods eaten in the United States are pollinated by those buzzy little guys and gals.  Honey bees are believed to be suffering from colon collapse disorder (CCD) and the mechanism leading to CCD is not well understood. One proposed mechanism is that the numerous pesticides used are harming the bees, but because there are so many being used, it is hard to differentiate which pesticide(s) may be responsible. Lucky for the bees, the European Union is working on testing these pesticides to see what’s harming the bees. One goal of the research team lead by Tomasz Kiljanek is to expand the knowledge about this issue to academia, and, while I don’t have all the information regarding this issue, I think it is important to recognize the importance of things beyond currency that go into the food supply. There is always a focus on not having the money to purchase food, but what if there are not enough bees to produce the food? There is more than what meets the eye, and of that I am certain.

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