Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Diet Drinks and Dental Erosion?

            While many people worry about eliminating sugary beverages like soda and sports drinks from their diet, there is a definite overlap between even sugar-free beverages and dental erosion. While sugar-free beverages may be lower in calories, the acidic nature of soda and some sports drinks can soften tooth enamel by a factor of a third and a half.  As a recent visitor of the dentist, I can assure you that cavities and fillings are not a pleasurable experience. People may be more interested in sugar-free beverages because they are perceived as healthier for containing fewer Calories. A helpful tip for anyone consuming these types of beverages would be to chew sugar-free gum afterwards. This helps to create more saliva and neutralize the acidic beverage residue. Further, if you are feeling thirsty a soda may not be the best choice to wet your whistle! Try using water as an alternative, especially during the holiday season when there are bound to be treats ripe for the taking!

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