Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2016 Expected Food Trends

With the New Year right around the corner, we are expected so see several new and creative food trends, according to the Specialty Food Association (SFA). Get your excitement and shopping carts ready because these trends will soon be present in stores near you!

Vegetables are so widely used in our cooking and meals today. We’ve also seen them incorporated into store bought drinks and smoothies, such as V8 and Naked Smoothies. Veggies are expected to hinder their appearance in teas, yogurts and ice- cream according to the SFA. Seaweed and bottled soups are also expected to sparingly spread.

Who doesn’t love the appealing smell of flowers? Keep an eye out for lavender, rose and hibiscus in chocolate, cheese, snack foods, carbonated water and teas. Mmm, I can just smell it now!

Locally sourced foods:
Our desire for locally sourced meats, seafood and produce are expected to only increase. We care about the foods we eat and where they are coming from!

Mushrooms have been making a huge stride in our favorite foods lately and are expected to be seen even more so in 2016. From blended in burgers, to coffee and chocolate, Americans love the distinct taste!

Snacks for Meal Replacement:
Snacks and meals are beginning to blur into one. Manufacturers are catching onto this trend and are working on bringing healthy and more substantial snacks that can also serve as meal replacements to us in 2016.

Promotion of Health at Supermarkets:
More and more people are starting to care about their health and prevention from disease and sickness through nutrition. The SFA expects to see a great increase in dietitians on staff, blood sugar testing and nutrition classes in supermarkets.

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