Friday, April 3, 2015

Sad or Action-Packed Movies Require More Munching

            According to researchers at Cornell University and the published studies in JAMA International Medicine, there is a direct link between how much you eat while watching different genres of movies. Movie participants who watched the tragedy, Love Story were found to have eaten an average of 125 grams of popcorn, 28% more than the average of 98 grams of popcorn consumed by people watching the comedy, Sweet Home Alabama. In a study, it was found that undergraduates at Cornell University ate 98% more snacks while watching the action film, The Island for 20 minutes than they did while watching the talk show, The Charlie Rose Show for the same amount of time. According to the researchers, “Watching scenes of an action movie may cause distress, a condition that can increase food intake in the absence of hunger”. So remember, if you are planning on watching a sad or action-packed film, keep the unhealthy snacks away and in a safe distance!

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