Thursday, December 11, 2014

Changing Your Holiday Feasting Mindset

The holidays shouldn’t be binging until there’s no tomorrow, but also shouldn’t be a time of restriction. There are special dishes and treats that only appear once a year and you can still enjoy it! Here are a few tips to help get you through the holiday parties:

Don’t skip meals- trying to save up for the main event will cause even a greater risk for overeating. Truly, the body only needs a certain amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins at one time and then either excretes it, uses it, burns it or stores it. If excess calories are taken in, the extra will be stored as fat—thus the weight gain. Instead try to eat balanced meals including breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch and dinner.

Check the beverages- another main cause of holiday weight gain in the extra calories taken in by drinks. Mixed alcoholic drinks are typically the most calorie and sugar laden. Stick with water, wine and beer in moderation because these are on the lower calorie side. If you would like a drink, have it before or after the meal. Most people do not really taste their drinks while eating, so enjoy it more before or after the meal.

Take food home- if friends or relatives always give you food to take home, then save some of the food you would like to have for leftovers. Make your plate up with the foods you absolutely want, and the others can be packed in portions for the next day.

Ultimately, you get to make the food choices. Enjoying food does not mean you have to overdo it at each and every party, which can make the world of difference with holiday weight gain.

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