Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Nutritious and Delicious Dorm Meal

Calling all college students! It seems as if college students are always on a budget or trying to save money, and for a good reason, college is expensive. While saving money is a priority for most students, so is the ability to make something to eat quickly in the dorms. Meals do not have to be Ramen Noodles in the dorm room, there are other options that are more nutritious, while still being cost effective and quick. Below is a healthier alternative to a quesadilla that can easily be made in the microwave of a dorm building.

Start with a whole-wheat tortilla and make sure the first ingredient on the package is whole-wheat flour. Next, add Mexican cheese made from 2% milk instead of whole milk. Add, canned chicken that does not have any salt added, canned tomatoes, and canned black beans. To decrease the sodium on the black beans, rinse them for two minutes under cold water. If you like sour cream, fat-free Greek yogurt can be used as an alternative, providing calcium, protein, Vitamin D, and no fat. Pop the concoction in the microwave until the cheese is melted and enjoy!

Instead of Ramen or canned soup next time you are unable to make it to the cafeteria, try this more nutritious and delicious quesadilla!


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