Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Public Transportation and Body Weight

Do you ever debate whether or not to ride your bike to work? Or maybe walk to work? Using public transportation, biking, and walking to work may actually benefit you in ways you never imagined. In a recent study a relationship between people who ride their bikes to work, walk to work, or use public transportation and body weight was discovered. The study suggests that those who drive their cars to work actually weigh more and have a higher percentage of body fat. The study showed that women who drove cars to work were on average 5.5 pounds heavier than those women who rode bikes, walked, or used public transportation to get to work. Men who drove were 6.6 pounds heavier. While this study does not show a cause and effect relationship, it does show a strong relationship between modes of transportation and weight. So next time you're trying to decide how to get to work, walk, ride your bike, or use public transportation and add a little extra movement to your day.

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