Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How do Almonds Grow?

Did you know that almonds grow inside an inedible fruit from the almond tree? Pinkish purple flowers blossom around the fruit found on the tree. This fruit is very similar to that of a peach or a plum that contains a pit. The outer covering of the almond isn't fleshy like other fruits, but instead actually has a thick, grayish green coat called the hull. Inside the hull is a hard and woody shell, similar to a pit, called the endocarp. Inside this shell is the actual edible seed, called the nut. Bitter and sweet almond trees are able to grow, but the fruit stemming from a bitter almond tree does not produce edible almonds because of the compound cyanide it contains (cyanide can be removed in order to be eaten). Almond trees grow in areas with hot summers and cool winters. California is actually one of the only states with the proper climate capable of producing these nuts.  

Check out the link to learn more about the almond growing process!

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