Friday, March 28, 2014

Lighten Up Recipes with These 5 Easy Changes

1.       Use ground turkey instead of ground beef. Ground turkey is leaner and will help reduce the fat in your meal.

2.       When a recipe calls for bacon, chop it up into small bits and use less than what the recipe calls for. The small pieces will help incorporate the bacon flavor into the whole dish while actually using less bacon.

3.       Instead of using breadcrumbs to make a crunchy coating for meats, try using a low sugar and high fiber cereal instead. You will be cutting out some fat and calories while giving the dish extra fiber!

4.       Try Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for creamy dips and dressings. Greek yogurt still has the tangy taste of sour cream but with more protein and less fat.

5.       Use pureed vegetables to thicken soups and casseroles instead of cream. This will give the soup the consistency you are looking for while making the dish healthier at the same time!

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