Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Healthy Baking Swaps

Did you know baking can be healthy? With this fun hobby, substitutions are usually possible. Here are three healthy baking swaps you can use the next time you bake!

Avocado: Try replacing butter with avocado in your next cookie or muffin recipe. Avocado contains less saturated fat than butter and is full of anti-inflammatory phytonutrients. A one-to-one substitution can be use, and the subtle, creamy flavor blends well.

Pureed Prunes: Try replacing half the butter in your next batch of chocolate brownies with an equal volume of pureed prunes. You can use baby food or puree your own by using 8 oz of pitted prunes with 6 tablespoons of hot water in your food processor. These prunes are lower in saturated fat and will increase the fiber in your treat!

Greek Yogurt: Replacing butter with low-fat or nonfat Greek yogurt (unsweetened) is a great alternative for cake, muffin or sweet bread recipes. Using a one-to-one substitution will make your recipe more moist, protein and calcium packed.   

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