Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Manage Your Cravings Using the 5 D's

Internal cues such as fullness help us to figure out whether we are still hungry or not.  But, sometimes it’s hard to understand what our bodies are really trying to say.  Here is a method that might help crack the hunger language code which can be used to overcome cravings that are not a result of hunger.

The method is called the 5 D’s and consists of the words delay, distract, distance, determine, and decide.
Delay – in an effort to refrain from overeating, once a craving begins, wait at least ten minutes before eating.  If it really is hunger, take a few moments to carefully select what to eat and try to prepare reasonable portions.
Distract – try to think about something other than eating by keeping occupied with something that takes the focus away from the craving.
Distance – stay away from food, at least for the ten minutes during the “delay” approach.
Determine – if it really is hunger.  It could actually be thirst, boredom, fatigue, or emotions that are causing the craving.  Also use this step to think about what food and how much of the food are wanted.
Decide – what to do about the craving, including what and how much to eat, if it really is hunger.

When it comes to fullness also considering gauging whether you are “satisfied” rather than “full”.  Being full is a different feeling from no longer being hungry, so try to think of eating in a different light and you may find yourself consuming less overall Calories.

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