Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kick it Up a Notch to Kill Cancer

The benefits of the compound resveratrol have been known and studied for years. This compound can be found in the skin of grapes as well as in red wine. Recently, another advantage has been discovered. It has been found that resveratrol helps to destroy cancer cells; first studied in prostate cancer cells, it has now been shown to also be potent in melanoma (skin cancer) cells. Experiments at the University of Missouri found that with resveratrol treatment alone toward a melanoma tumor, 44 percent of cells were killed. But with both resveratrol and radiation of cells, 65 percent of them were exterminated. This greater susceptibility to radiation treatment offers hope for more effective treatment, possibly treating other types of cancers as well. Further studies are being conducted and eventually will lead to human subjects. The future of cancer combat appears promising.

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