Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fact or Fiction?

1. Sea Salt has less sodium than table salt

TRUTH: Sea salt and table salt have about the same amount of sodium. Sea salt is less refined than table salt and also has larger granules. This usually means less sea salt can be used with the same impact as table salt. 

2. Fresh is always better

TRUTH: A common misconception is that if it’s fresh it must be better. Often, frozen vegetables are just good for you as fresh ones. This is because frozen vegetables are flash frozen so they maintain their nutrients all the way to the table. Some fresh vegetables actually lose some nutrients in the transfer to the store shelves. 

3. If it's organic, vegan, or gluten free it's good for you

TRUTH: Many of these types of products seem better because they do not have the added food coloring or refined sugars. The truth is that organic, vegan, and gluten free products are still packed with sugar (cane juice, honey, and agave) and many of the cookie and chip products have little nutritional value. 

Nutrition is a difficult topic to keep straight, especially with all of the conflicting information out there. Registered dietitians are great resources to finding the truth behind the myth.

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