Thursday, May 2, 2013

Diet and Blood Vessel Health

A recent study presented at the American Heart Association’s Conference has found that a diet low in grains, certain greens, and beans improved the health of the blood vessels in participants. This blood vessel functioning abnormality is serious and one of the first signs of heart disease. The participants all had a risk for heart disease and three-quarters already suffered from the blood vessel abnormality. The diet restricted grains, beans, fruits, poultry, and some plants. Instead of these foods the participants ate a diet of leafy greens, fish, olive oil, and grass-fed proteins. They also took a supplement with many antioxidants. It is predicted that this diet worked because it slows the aging of the blood vessel cells. This study is not suggesting taking grains and vegetables out of your diet. For many of us, these foods are also vital to our health. It does however show the importance that diet has on our health and well-being.  

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