Monday, April 11, 2011

The 5 Second Rule

Our previous poll asked what you do when your favorite piece of food falls on the floor. About 1/3 of you said you would automatically discard the food. Another 1/3 of you said you would wash the food before eating it. And the remaining 1/3 of you said you would eat it within 5 seconds as long as it looked clean, abiding by the “5 second rule” as it is commonly known to many people.

So we know what you would do, but what should you do? Is their truth to the common assertion that food is not contaminated as long as you quickly pick it up? Do bacteria really take more than 5 seconds to transfer to a piece of food? You can find out more about this belief in the current Nutrition in the News newsletter (Vol. 6 Issue 2). The newsletter is available online at the bottom of this page and can be found across campus!

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